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Top Mattress/topper

A topper or top mattress is an extra layer that lies above the normal mattress. These toppers can contain different cores such as latex, bultex, Gelpearls, memory foam, down feathers…. It is intended for beds where the mattress has a problem, such as hardness, temperature, ... Below are the advantages and disadvantages of a top mattress
  • Can increase sleeping comfort if the mattress itself is not good. A topper can give a softer feel when the mattress itself is too hard.
  • Can help if the mattress feels too warm.
  • Extends the life of the mattress. Since in this case you sleep on the topper and not directly on the mattress, the latter is less heavily loaded.
  • If there are two separate single mattresses, it can help not to feel the gap between the two mattresses.
  • It is easy in terms of maintenance. A topper is lighter and can therefore be made up more easily.
  • A topper cannot repair mattresses. If there is already dimple formation in the mattress, a topper cannot do anything about it. The pit formation will continue to the topper over time.
  • It disrupts the moisture regulation of the mattress as it can no longer breathe properly.
  • A topper does not replace a mattress. You still need a mattress to put it on.
  • A topper cannot be placed on every mattress. For example, it is not recommended to put it on a memory foam mattress. We recommend trying the combination in the store first.
  • Toppers take away some of the comfort of the mattress. If the mattress is good but too warm, it may be that the mattress with the topper is less comfortable.
  • Toppers can also be warm. As with mattresses, toppers with memory foam or latex are slightly warmer.