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Box spring sets

A box spring is what the word says: a box with springs. It is basically a padded box with springs that stands on legs and acts to support the mattress. The type of springs in this box can differ between bonnel and pocket springs.

Box springs come in all kinds of colors and sizes, both fixed and electric. A box spring of good quality will last between 15 and 25 years. Remember that there is a difference between a box spring and a box spring set. The mattress is included in a box spring set. We do not recommend box spring sets where the mattress is attached to the box spring, since a mattress does not live as long as a box spring. In addition, it is not possible to turn the mattress here, which is often recommended.
Boxsprings springs have a number of advantages:
  • Available in different heights, so it is possible to choose the height of the bed yourself.
  • They are generally very sturdy.
  • Help with ventilation at the bottom of the mattress.
  • Exist in both fixed and electric version.
  • Available in different colors and models. This makes it possible to choose the box spring that fits best in the room.

However, box rings also have disadvantages:

  • Are not suitable for every kind of mattress. Latex mattresses need more support and cannot be placed on every type of box spring.
  • Are more limited in movement than slatted bases. Slatted bases can go “higher” than box springs. Although some box springs can also go up to 90°, they are usually less flexible than slatted bases.
  • Often imitated by boxes with shelves that are sold as “box springs”. However, these boxes do not provide proper support or ventilation.