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Latex Matrasses

Latex mattresses do not have springs to provide support. They are therefore much more flexible and can bend in all directions. There are two types of latex: natural and synthetic latex. In general, a mattress is called natural if it contains at least 60% natural latex. Below you will find the various advantages and disadvantages of a latex mattress.

  • Very suitable for (electrically) adjustable slatted bases. Given their flexibility and ability to adapt to the shape of the slatted base, they are the best choice for people who like to raise their beds a bit.
  • There is the possibility to work with different comfort zones. By making the latex harder in some places, this provides better support for the body.
  • Can be folded. When the mattress is delivered and moved, it may be unfolded in all directions.
  • There are different hardnesses for certain models.
  • Latex mattresses are generally less high. This ensures that almost all fitted sheets fit on this.
  • Many latex mattresses have drymash zones, just like the pocket spring mattresses. The latex is often perforated to promote air circulation.
  • Not a good combination with a box spring. Box springs and other spring-based supports do not work well with latex mattresses. The reason for this is that latex mattresses require a lot of support. For box springs, it is better to opt for a pocket spring mattress or foam. It is possible to lay latex mattresses on box springs with hard springs.
  • Good quality latex mattresses are usually a bit heavier. This can cause problems when you want to turn the mattress or make your bed.
  • A latex mattress breathes slightly less well than a pocket spring mattress because the density of the mattress is higher. As a result, moisture regulation is also somewhat less.
  • A pocket spring mattress regulates the temperature better. Latex mattresses are slightly warmer in the summer.
  • A pocket spring mattress of the same quality will cost less. The reason for this is that latex is a more expensive raw material.
  • Less opportunity to play with hardnesses than with a pocket spring mattress.